I'm not an artist...

but oil painting has become one of my favorite pastimes in the last few years. Some of my brushes once belonged to a very well-respected and prominent artist, a gift from his wife after his death. Since I got these new brushes, I find my desire to paint has been more persistent than ever. Is this because I would feel guilty not to paint when I have the brushes of someone who had such enormous talent? Or is the compulsion to paint inherent in the brushes themselves? One thing is for sure: they are way better brushes than I ever bought for myself!

Still life 1, Charles' brushes


Still life 2, Clay pot

Still life 3 (or making lemonade)

Still life 4, Vase

Dixie, lion

Cosmos, lion

Still live 4, Amarilis

Ken, lion



Penari, Tiger

Tuli (or girl w/towel on her head)



Queen of the Midtown bus

Irish traditional music musician

Herbie by the Sea

Musician from Dingle

Adare Castle


Irish Dude with Dog


Still life 5, Yellow Apples


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