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COOL BOOKS: On the heels of her wonderful memoir Cornered, author Linda DeFruscio has written a fabulous children's book, Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence. This is a sweet sweet story about loyalty and compassion. 

Check out her work at

MORE COOL BOOKS: If you haven't read Rocco Lo Bosco before, you're in for a treat: His fiction is electrifying, and his nonfiction will take you to worlds you didn't know existed. 

BLOOMERS BLAZING: Interview with Lynn Siebert Auerbach, the woman who dreamed Africa and then went there to find out what she could do to help!


Wally O'Conner leaves one world to discover another

VERY COOL PHOTOS: Longing to travel the world but don't have the time or money just now? Visit Michael Dooley Photography and see what he's seen in his travels. All photos are available for sale too!

COOL WEBSITE: So many of the world's best writers don't publish until after the age of 40. Meet the best of the best of them at Bloom. And be sure to visit Bloomers Blazing, Joan Schweighardt's section of the website, developed specifically to introduce you to some of the most passionate bloomers on the planet. 

BLOOMERS BLAZING: interview with renowned pianist/composer/producer Jean Francois Renaud

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